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Tips On Killing Swarming Termites

by Same Patterson

Most people know that termites are undesirable house guests.  They can inflict horrendous damage on your home, eating their way through wooden structures, and once a colony has been established, termites are difficult to get rid of.  Although it's always advisable to ask your local pest control company to deal with serious termite infestations, there are steps that you can take to kill any 'swarmers' that you see around your home.

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What are 'swarmers'?

Swarmers are just common termites that have reached their stage in their life cycle where they leave their colony and fly in search of mates with the intention of setting up a new colony elsewhere.  When the termites have mated, they shed their wings, and the females crawl into your home in search of somewhere to lay their eggs.  It's not the adult termites that do the damage; it's the larvae that actually eat the wood when they hatch.

Although they both emerge during periods of warm, humid weather and look similar, swarmers should not be confused with flying ants.  Ants have bodies comprised of three distinct segments, whereas termites have just two.  Termites have two sets of wings of the same size, but flying ants have one set of large wings and one set of small ones.

Getting rid of swarmers

If you can kill-off any flying termites before they actually get inside your home, you have a better chance of ensuring that they don't lay eggs and trigger an infestation.

Termites are attracted to light.  This means that you can kill them quickly and easily by setting up a bug zapper like the ones you'll see in cafés and food outlets.  Place the zapper outside your house in the area where the termites congregate.  Keep your windows closed and extinguish all exterior lighting except one bright light near to the zapper.  The insects will be drawn to the light and thus into the zapper, which will kill them.

Winged termites that are seen crawling around on your windowsills can vacuumed-up very easily, using the crevice tool and hose on your vacuum cleaner.  Be sure to burn the vacuum bag or empty the cylinder into a refuse sack that can be sealed and burnt.

You can also buy liquid insecticide spray from a good DIY store, and this can be very effective at killing flying termites.  You can also stop flying termites in their tracks by spraying windowsills and other areas where you've noticed swarmer activity.

In conclusion

Although you can take a stand against flying termites and kill many of them before they invade your home, there's always a chance that a few might make it past your defences.  For this reason, it's a good idea to ask your local pest controller to inspect your property for termites, just in case.