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How to best secure your home against break-ins

by Same Patterson

Every year, over 200,000 Australian homes are broken into. This averages to about 1 in every 40 houses experiencing a break-in at some point during the year, with burglars targeting high value items like phones, laptops, televisions, jewellery, gaming consoles, cameras, music devices or just plain hard cash. While these statistics are scary, there are many ways the average Australian can reinforce their home to protect their property, ensure a safe environment for their family and go through the year with general peace of mind. The best method is always prevention.

On top of the usual fair of not keeping valuables lying around, locking the doors when you leave, or even keeping the light on to give the impression that someone is home when you go out for the night, there are certain structural additions that can be purchased to make it even harder for anyone from the outside to get in. These additions can be quite affordable if you shop around.

Fixed security screens, for example, can be placed on top of windows of any type or size to prevent anything from penetrating them. Similarly, security door reinforcements use tough material like steel or aluminium to make it difficult for anyone to force open doors from the outside. Even sliding doors can be converted to have higher security with systems like PROMESH. Some security screens and doors offer lock systems that can only be opened from the inside, turning windows and doors into convenient potential emergency exits if a situation requires it.

It is also possible to construct secure patio enclosures around a specified area, such as the backyard, to create a wider and safer space around the house. This is a particularly useful option for families with children or pets that require an outdoor area for play. Some enclosures even offer outside ceilings to prevent anyone from climbing over the fence.

In addition to physically securing your home, these sort of additions also actually discourage potential burglars from targeting your property in the first place. Coupled with a working alarm system, a reinforced fence or gate, sensor lights outside of the home, or even just a dog or a sign warning of the presence of a dog, your home becomes a statistically less appealing target.

At the end of the day, the assurance of safety is worth the time, money and effort involved in installing new security features. Contact a company like Bonds Security Products to learn more about security features you can install on your windows and doors.