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Hiring An Inter-State Mover? What To Know

by Same Patterson

New employment opportunities often come with a great deal of excitement. This is especially true when the search for greener pastures takes the individual to a different state.

As many people eventually come to learn, the task of planning and executing a successful inter-state move is cumbersome and it often makes the thought of moving much less exciting.

Discussed in this article are two things that jobseekers should know when hiring an inter-state moving company as they strive to pursue their career objectives.

Binding Quote Vs Hourly Moving Rates

It is common for jobseekers to rush for the inter-state mover with the lowest hourly rate for service provision. There's nothing particularly wrong about this. However, jobseekers should remember that the time it takes to complete a move is seldom as definite as the mover would want a prospective client to believe. Unavoidable circumstances (e.g., harsh weather conditions) may cause extended delays during the move. In the long run, the client may end up paying much more for the move despite the low hourly rate.

A binding quote is a better payment option for an inter-state move. Such a quote represents the maximum amount that the mover will charge for service provision. Before a binding quote is issued, the mover has to assess the items to be shipped and the general scope of work that the move will involve. Thus, binding quotes allow affected jobseekers to eliminate the possibility of spiraling costs associated with the move

Delivery Window Vs Delivery Date

A large number of inter-state moving companies have consolidation policies that prospective clients are often unaware of. Consolidation of transit goods refers to a situation where a mover uses the same truck/van to transport items belonging to different clients, which have a common destination. Consolidation allows the mover to reduce their operational costs and it affords the client(s) a more affordable service charge.

However, consolidation can have an adverse effect on the timely delivery of goods. The mover will be forced to make multiple stops when delivering items belonging to other clients.  Consequently, a large number of inter-state moving companies will give their clients a delivery window as opposed to an exact date of delivery. The delivery window allows a jobseeker to determine which items not to pack in the suitcases being shipped by the mover, just in case (s) he needs to use these items before the shipment is delivered.

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