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Cheap Removalists for an Aquarium

by Same Patterson

Moving can be a daunting experience. This is especially the case if you have fragile items. An aquarium, for instance, can give you a headache when you are moving. To ensure that everything goes according to plan, the best option would be to call for an expert. There are various cheap removalists like Melbourne Cheap Suburb Removal in Australia that you can get for this purpose. The most important points the removalists will focus on are packing and transporting the fish. However, it is important to understand the process that goes into moving the aquarium if you need to try it on your own or just for a checklist.


Before even starting the moving process, the packers will make some necessary preparation. They will pack everything in the aquarium carefully so that there is no damage or loss. This includes packing the fish in sealable bags to hold the fish during the removal. These bags should have be half-filled with oxygen. The packers will also transfer the saltwater from the aquarium into other sealable bucket for transportation to your new house. The packers will then pack the pumps and other accessories as they would pack any fragile appliances.

Aquarium Removal

After everything is packed in the moving truck, you should now remove the aquarium. Try to conserve water when you are moving it. In fact, to ensure that your fish are not poisoned by a toxic difference in the liquid environment, you can consider reusing the same water in the new place. You can have buckets or other containers to drain and store that water. Once the aquarium has been drained, you need to pack the gravel in sealable buckets. This helps to remove any pressure that might be placed on the seams of the aquarium as the moving truck sways or hits bumps.

Reassembling the Aquarium

Once you get to the new destination, you can begin the process of setting up the aquarium. If the cheap removalists you have selected to move are knowledgeable on matters of aquariums, they can help you through the process. You need to make sure that filters are cleaned before reinstallation if it was a long move. You can also remove the mucus and debris from gravel before setting it into the aquarium. You should then reintroduce the fish and watch out for signs of any discomfort before proceeding on unpacking your other stuff. However, if the process was done correctly, your fish should survive and thrive in the new location.