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The Benefits Of Serviced Apartments

by Same Patterson

Though hotels seem to be the primary choice when people are away from their homes, serviced apartments are quickly gaining popularity for both short-term and long-term stays. Whether you are on holiday or on a business trip, you will find that the latter option offers the comfort of the home environment but it is still managed with the efficiency of a hotel. If you are hesitant about choosing serviced apartments for your next trip, consider these benefits.


This is perhaps the biggest advantage of apartments because a lot of people feel confined in hotel rooms unless they are in executive rooms. Typically, the apartment has more living space and separate areas for lounging and dining. This, coupled with a nice bedroom, ensures that you have sufficient room for working, relaxing and sleeping.

Most serviced apartment complexes are like standard hotel buildings with extra facilities such as a gym, swimming pool and restaurants such that you will have the best aspects of the two hospitality worlds. When travelling in a group or as a family, this is the perfect fit especially when you have children. You can get a bigger apartment with several bedrooms and a common living room. This way, everyone gets their privacy but you still can enjoy communal time.

Housekeeping Chores

While professional housekeeping is convenient, it can be a little overwhelming when you want to sleep in or work. Serviced apartments have this service but not with the frequency of the traditional hotels. Usually, the housekeepers will come in a couple of times a week and also when you request specific assistance.

If you are not enthusiastic about the cost of laundry services, you will enjoy the appliances that are installed to facilitate DIY cleaning. The in-house washers and dryers will enable you to wash clothes at no extra cost. If you do not like carrying many clothes or you are travelling with kids, you can save a lot with this option. In addition, apartments with kitchens offer extra convenience even if you are not planning to cook; the accessibility of a microwave and fridge can make your life much easier.


Generally, serviced apartments are cheaper than hotels but the cost will be affected by some factors such as the duration, size and the specific company. When travelling in a group, an apartment is cheaper than separate hotel rooms and the longer you stay, the lower the rates. Moreover, you will save some money with the availability of laundry and kitchen amenities.